"I thoroughly endorse the "Handling Probate Plus" kit from AussieLegal. After the frustration of dealing with a number of solicitors unwilling to give me a clear quote on the costs involved in obtaining a Grant of Probate for a relatively simple estate, I turned to Aussie Legal. After an initial phone call enquiry I was immediately sent the Probate Plus kit by email. A set of easy to read documents gave me a clear understanding of my role as Executor and the steps involved to obtain probate. The FACT Find questionnaire - forming the basis of the eventual application - was simple to complete. Aussie Legal then prepared all the documentation for the application extremely quickly and professionally. After filing the documentation at the Supreme Court I was delighted to receive the Grant of Probate within a fortnight. The entire process, from that first call to Aussie Legal to the successful grant, took no more than 6 weeks. The biggest 'plus' from using this kit is the sense of control and understanding you gain over the process - as well as the pleasure from dealing with such a professional and approachable organisation. I hope more people come to take advantage of this amazing product and service to the community!"

Marian, VIC


"I thought I would send an email to let you know that I was very presently surprised. It is not offen these days that I get surprised. The person who explained the process when i enquired made it sound pretty easy. I was obviosly skeptical. It turned out to be almost dead-on. You were easy to deal with, explained the steps, even the lawyer who advised me and certified the BFA was approachable. I will let my friends and work colleagus know that there is a great alternative to spending huge dollars on law firms to get the agreement done. Good luck to you."

Daniel, NSW



"Hi AussieLegal. Collected my Mother’s Grant of Probate today. Just want to express my appreciation of the “hassle free” service you provided with the Probate Plus kit. Your presentation of the documents for submission together with instructions was excellent. Thank you,"

John, ACT


"Just a quick email to let you know that my fathers probate has been finalised and granted. Thank you for your help and guidance with it also. I appreciated your honesty about the process, possible complications and helping me save some money also."

Michael, WA


"We just want to thank you and your team for the excellent service and assistance you provided in helping us with our late father’s probate application. It all went extremely smoothly and we received formal notification today. Perhaps the only slight delay was caused by being caught up in the Christmas court closures. Given that we were quoted up to six months and a potential cost of $10,000 by a country solicitor, we cannot speak highly enough of your DIY service."

Russell & Ann, VIC


"Just wanted to Thank you for the Amazing Advice and Assistance you have given our family over the past few weeks. On Friday we received the Grant of Probate… one day after they received those final documents. Amazing. You have made the whole process so smooth and without stress for us. We appreciate that you were Always available when we needed to ask you something. Thank You.

Ralph & Family, VIC


"I wish to inform you that today i received the probate for my mother.I want to thank you for your help with doing the probate. I must admit i am a little proud of myself for doing it but i would not have done it without you. I thank you for the wonderfull service i have had. Kind regards,"

Denise, NSW


"Many many thanks for everything – the helpful advice you gave me whenever I asked, your quick responses and for the money you have saved my sister and I. I certainly will be letting people know about AussieLegal. With sincere thanks and gratitude,"

Barb, QLD


"This has been a very straightforward process for us and we are very glad we found your website before paying thousands of unnecessary dollars to a solicitor. I will be very happy to put our recommendation for your company onto the internet."

Penny, NSW



"I was amazed to find such a huge and relevant resource available on the net! No lawyer ever answers a questions over the phone. It was soooooooo helpful to be able to post a question on the forum and have people help. Its even harder if you live in the country. Good on you!"

Phillip, SA


"Just to let the team at AussieLegal know that the BFA Plus service was great. Thank you for for making it easy, and our assigned solicitors were very thorough and did everything in a timely manner."

Mark, NSW


"Just to let you know that the will kit was great. It was easy to follow. My wife and I got it done and saved lots of money compared with the quotes we got from solicitors. Cheers,"

Richard & Sheila, ACT


"Just want to say a big thank you for your help! You and Aussie Legal have been much more informative and supportive than any lawyers I have been to. The consent order was filed with Family Court last week."

Cheryl, QLD


"Your forum is the most informative and helpful place I have visited. There is just nowhere you can get any sort of legal advice about family law stuff without having to pay. Please keep up the good work."

Amanda, VIC


"Having to settle financial affairs after separation is without doubt the s..tiest things you will ever have to go through. Solicitors who drag the whole thing out to line their pockets are the icing on the cake. Keep it as friendly as possible with your ex and use AussieLegal for the paperwork is my advice to anyone who asks. Thanks again,"

George, VIC


"My solicitor quoted me $2,500 to start a binding financial agreement. Plus my partner would need to find a solicitor as well. Thanks for making the process easier and de-mystifying the whole thing. We were also amazed that it could be done in 3 weeks! My solicitor was saying it would be 3 months!"

Lisa, QLD


"Why has no one done this before? A good start."

Lizy, TAS


"Good blog. Very helpful."

Stefan, QLD

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