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We refer to recent interviews with you and advise that you have been successful in your application for the position of [insert details]. As a result, set out below are the terms and conditions of your proposed employment.

Our Company is committed to the well-being of its staff by ensuring a progressive workplace and, in doing so, continually seeks to improve work conditions and practices. On that basis you should be aware that there will be changes from time to time in your job description and the Company's Employment Policies and Procedures. This will require you to take a flexible approach to your work, which we hope will create job satisfaction as well as good productivity.


[insert position title] or in such other position as may be agreed in writing between the parties.


[insert name of supervisor/manager]


We would like you to commence on day of 200 . On arrival,would you please report to [insert name] at 8.30am.


Your appointment will end on day of 200 .


For the first [select: weeks/months] of your employment, you will be on probation. During that time, either party may terminate the employment on one week's notice in writing to the other. At the end of the probation period your performance will be reviewed. If it is satisfactory your employment will be confirmed and thereafter the Company's usual notice period of a [select: fortnight/one month] will apply.


Your position description is set out in the Schedule at the end of this letter. The conditions of your employment are more fully set out in the enclosed document entitled "Standard Conditions of Employment".


Your ordinary hours of work shall be an average of [check: thirty eight] per week, which shall be worked in shifts of no more than eight hours duration from Monday to Friday inclusive. Overtime will be available from time to time and shall be payable for work done outside of your ordinary hours of work.


Your ordinary hours of work shall be an average of [check: thirty eight] per week, which shall be worked in shifts of no more than eight hours duration from Monday to Friday inclusive. As you are [select: paid over the award OR are a manager], you are expected to work the hours that are reasonably necessary to complete you employment duties. No overtime will be payable in your position.


Details of your wages are set out in the attached Schedule and they will be paid into your bank account [select: weekly/fortnightly/monthly].


[Delete the following sentence when dealing with managers. If dealing with award staff, select the name of the applicable award.] The above position is covered by the terms of the (State) Award. However, nothing shall be taken as incorporating this Award as a term of your employment.

Until the duplicate copy of this letter has been signed, you will be deemed to have not accepted this offer of employment. Accordingly, we ask you to consider the offer carefully and let us have your response [select by 200 . / as soon as possible.] If the above information and the enclosed documents do not contain all the matters discussed with you during the interview process, you must let us know.

If you accept this offer of employment, we will need to sight:

  1. your qualifications;
  2. proof of identity, such as your birth certificate. If you are not an Australian citizen, we will also need to see your work permit; and
  3. if your position description involves the use of motor vehicles, your driver's licence;

This documentation, after inspection, will be immediately returned to you.

Application forms regarding the company's Superannuation Scheme and Income Tax Declaration Form can be completed on your commencement date. In this regard we will need your tax file number. Please note that you will not be obliged to join the company's scheme if you have an compliant alternative.

We look forward to you joining the Company and trust that you find it both challenging and rewarding.

Yours sincerely

Human Resources Manager

I declare that:

(a) I have read and understand the offer of employment and these conditions of employment; and

(b) I accept the offer of employment and will abide by these conditions of employment.

DATED the day of 2002

Employee's signature


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