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Since incorporating North Shore Conveyancing into its practice in August 2005 Simpson Legal has continued the services previously provided in a competitive but friendly way. With two conveyancers in training and two practicing solicitors we provide the perfect balance of experience and affordability. Nick Simpson has worked in some of the worlds leading law firms in England and Australia, advising on contract construction, commercial leases, restrictive covenants and incorporation. Since creating his own firm and expanding North Shore Conveyancing he has continued to advise both small and large businesses on contract negotiation, construction and execution.Simpson legal has recently expanded to include a litigation practice. We have experienced practitioners able to provide advice and appear on applications and hearings concerning civil, criminal and family law matters. Please contact this office to enquire about your prospects of success or court requirements. The initial consultation (up to 30 minutes) is free of charge so should you opt against litigation after the first appointment or you don’t feel your prospects warrant representation, no cost will be forthcoming.Should you require legal assistance on any matter please contact us to discuss your prospects, requirements or assistance. Should we be unable to assist you directly, we may be able to provide a direction for your enquiries to proceed.

  • Suite 14, 20 Young Street Neutral Bay NSW Mudgee NSW 2089
  • (02) 9953 1158
Areas of Law
  • Commercial Law, Litigation, Contracts, Leases, IP
  • Family & De Facto Law
  • Property Law
  • Criminal Law, Traffic Matters
  • Wills, Probate, Letters of Administration, Powers of Attorney
Specialist Accreditation
  • TBC

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