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About AussieLegal

AussieLegal Pty Limited is a NSW registered company and is a national legal information and law firm referral service established in 1999.

AussieLegal is also proud to offer Australia’s largest and most popular legal forum offering the public an opportunity to discuss their legal situation and get opinions and assistance from other members of the public, and also law firms who choose to participate.

Established in 2006, AussieLegal’s Legal Forum has:

  • 25,042 registered forum members who have posted in the forum - 
  • 114,563 posts in - 
  • 22,550 subjects under -
  • 11 separate areas of law (as of 1 May 2018).

Why should you join the AussieLegal referral network?

  1. Qualified legal referrals to your firm and additional exposure of your law firm's name.
  2. More revenue to your firm.
  3. Generate additional traffic to your website from click-throughs from AussieLegal's website.
  4. Increase your firm's visibility in a targeted, relevant, and constructive way (participation in the legal forum in the name of your firm).
  5. Increase your firm's visibility by publishing legal articles in your law firm's name and with links back to your own website.
  6. Cost effective way to enhance your Google Ad campaigns, and other advertising campaigns.
  7. No fixed term contracts.
  8. Simple to create and manage your profile.
  9. AussieLegal staff are always available to assist by phone or email.

What are the costs?

The costs of subscribing to the AussieLegal referral network are (including GST):

  • CBD listings: $200.00 per calendar month
  • Metrpolitan listings: $100.00 per calendar month
  • Regional area listings: $50.00 per calendar month

How will visitors find your firm?
  1. Your profile page will be available to anyone searching for a law firm experienced in the particular area of law in or close to their location.
  2. Your law firm’s details will be presented to forum members posting in the forum and visitors browsing the forum (using area of law and location as the principal criteria).
  3. Your law firm’s details will be presented to visitors browsing our collection of legal articles (using area of law and location as the principal criteria).
  4. AussieLegal has staff that answer calls from the public, we answer questions, and personally refer persons to your law firm. We will email you with their contact information so assist you with tracking referrals.

How do you get started?

1. Fill in your details below and click SUBMIT

2. You can then start building your profile page:

  • Upload your logo
  • Write a description of your firm (short form and long form)
  • Choose your areas of law
  • Choose your areas of accreditation
  • Choose the geographic regions where you wish to be found
  • Login and update your profile page at any time.

3. Publish your page on the AussieLegal website

4. AussieLegal will send a credit card authority for you to sign so that the agreed subscription amount may be charged automatically.

5. You will receive regular tax invoices automatically each month.

Your details please?
AussieLegal Pty Limited

ABN: 20 089 555 993


Registered business address: Level 8, 70 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Postal Address: P.O. Box 108 Seaforth NSW 2092

Phone: 1300 728 200



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