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Choose BFA Template or BFA PLUS. Select State, instant download or order by post, secure payment by credit card.


Template that can be edited (Word) plus instruction book with step-by-step instructions and examples to follow (PDF). Free option to upgrade to BFA PLUS.


Background information book (PDF) plus questionnaire to be completed (Word) and return to AussieLegal.


Draft BFA prepared and reviewed by panel of independent law firms.


Independent law firms will advise each party and issue letters of advice and compliant certificates. Agreement signed.



If you are living with someone or intending to live with someone and you wish to protect yourself against a possible claim against your assets in the event of separation at some time in the future, then you may wish to consider a Binding Financial Agreement ('BFA'). Also called prenuptial agreements or de facto agreements, they are fully enforceable in the Family Court of Australia and may be signed before or after you move in together, or before or after you get married, and apply equally to same-sex couples.

BFA Template


Instruction book (PDF format)

Agreement that can be edited (Word format)

Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions

Examples & explanation of the law

Excludes legal advice and certification necessary to meet the Court requirements for the agreement to be binding on the parties

Refund of $89.95 on upgrade to BFA PLUS

 Full customer phone and email support

 D.I.Y kit prepared under the general supervision of qualified solicitors

BFA Plus


A review of your information and plans

Preparation and development of a BFA based on your requirements and instructions

Your BFA will be fully compliant with the requirements under the Family Law Act 1975 (and the Family Court Act 1997 for WA de facto couples)

Fully enforceable in the Family Court

Legal advice and certification from 2 independent law firms - both parties are covered under the BFA PLUS package

Full financial disclosure is required and full agreement between the parties is assumed (please see our Terms and Conditions page)

Personal service - you will have a person from AussieLegal dedicated to co-ordinate the process between you and the law firms

AussieLegal is not permitted to provide legal advice, but we are very experienced at making the process as stress-free as possible

The BFA must be fair and equitable to ensure that it is not subject to a challenge in the future

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