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You might be aware of the fact that sometimes it just depends upon the previous visa application if that the visa application was either refused or your visa was canceled. It depends on the situation that may affect the condition as well as the situation of the future.

In some of the cases it can be seen that maybe you are eligible for applying into some of the visas, then it still meets all visa eligibility criteria and to be granted one of those visas for the different kinds. It is very difficult to take now the PR options in Australia as well as themigration agents have various opinions about this.


No substantive visa or had refused or the canceled visa

  • In case that ever you were refused for a visa then bridging visa or refused on character grounds or after 1 September 1994, and since last entering Australia.

  • If you were refused on the entry permit and also somehow became an illegal entrant before that particular time which is 1 September then you have to leave the country for sure.

  • In the case that you have the visa which was already canceled on or after the date which is 1 September 1994.

The different visas for which you can apply are such as

  • Child or the residence

  • Partner temporary and since last entering Australia you have not been refused to the partner visa.

  • Partner or the residence or the protection

  • Medical treatment is provided and is refused to have a residence visa on health grounds or the family member of someone who was actually a part of it.

  • Territorial asylum or the residence and

  • Next can be the border which generally is only for the non-citizens in immigration clearance are better at applying for different visas. On the other hand, we can say that the airport or seaport whenever they arrive in Australia.

  • Special category which is temporary or New Zealand in case of just only the specific citizens of there.

  • Bridging A to E

Refused or canceled visa due to concerns about your character

Your visa options are more likely to be limited if you had to refuse a visa and the cancellation on the basis of a character in Australia.


Any kind of criminal justice for the entry visa

If you have any kind of criminal justice then you have to wait because your visa would be canceled and then the criminal justice would be applied for the protection of the visa. There have been few cases of such because it is generally seen that things might go wrong sometimes due to the criminal cases.


Refused protection visa

You cannot further apply for a protection visa ahead because since you last entered Australia but you faced refusal of the protection visa then it can make an application for another visa as it can depend.