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Quick summation: several light industrial units on one title, we lease unit A, Unit B is next door, we have realised that the local water company have listed the meter number for unit B on our bill, and Unit B have our water meter number on their bill - consequently we are paying for their water, they are paying for ours!

We took over a lease of unit A 2 years ago, this situation has been like this for probably 10 years (since the water meters were changed/updated by the water company).
We use about 3-4 times more water than Unit B (we estimate, based on his meter readings and the meters being the same age)
The units were built approx 30+ years ago.

Are we liable for backpayments? for how long? pay to the water company? to the leaseholders of Unit B?
can the lease holders in Unit B seek compensation from us?
Curious to know the possible legal remedies!!