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Hi There

So my son is serving - 6 months ICO - 9 Months Probation for fraud and he has just told me he has continued to offend but its all over and is sick of being scared of answering the door and the guilt has caught up to him and he genuinely wants help.

Now his ICO is over in a couple of weeks and Probation is over by Feb he is of the understanding that police will knock before FEB but is fairly confident he will finish out the ICO without being arrested (even though this won't matter as he committed the offences on during the ICO.)

He is seriously considering turning himself in and just going in knowing his probation is going to be suspended (regardless will spend min 28 days behind bars)

he is due to be sentenced in November for similar offences which were known at ICO and 9 Months Probation hearing and is likely to get a suspended sentence.

but what is going to happened to him if he turns himself in will he get some sort of discount for whatever sentence that might come.

by November 20th 2108 he would of been sentenced three times by the courts

this new lot would be his fourth has he just screwed up his life? is he likely to get a sentence of 10 years etc?

His debts have been


and this new one would be $11,065.00

so in total once its all done he would of have been charged in total with 36K and some change over the course of three years.

any advice you can give would be helpful.