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I currently have consent orders which state I have 5 nights care a fortnight with my 2 children from Thursday after school til Monday before school. I work a 2 week roster which involves every second weekend. My weekend off is synchronised with my time with the children. The consent orders which were made over two years ago allow for my ex to change the weekends to the ones I work. She has this opportunity at the beginning of a school term ( 4 times per year) These consent orders were made before my current job and roster. I hasn't been an issue for two years as she has never wanted to change until now. She has split with her new partner and is now trying to make my life difficult again. She does not work weekends. My roster at work cannot be changed.

What weight do courts put on "what's best for the children" in this situation ? Or will the court simply tell me to get another job? If she goes ahead with this change it means that I will have to organise alternative care for my children over the weekend. This is the only time I get to spend with them as they are at school on Fridays.