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Dear experts,

i work in a company for almost 5 years. there was a time
when my workmates slack off, i often end up doing their job
and cleaning their designated areas or lifting objects they
were supposed to do.

after almost 5 years, bad luck happened. I got injured
during work. i hurt my back and couldn't lift heavy objects
anymore. if i lifted heavy objects, my back would hurt like
hell. My company had no choice but to give me light loads
of work. Maybe they found i was useless, so they wanted to
terminate me.

I asked advice from both the union lawyer and another
private lawyer, both told me to wait for termination. The time
came, the company called me and offered 10k to sign the
deed of release. The union lawyer advised not to receive it,
so i did not accept it. Later, i was terminated. I'm broke ,
jobless, and my family is struggling. I decided to accept the
10k offer, so my union lawyer sent a letter to the company.
But the CEO said they wont give it anymore. The CEO said
it was only a 1 time offer in the past.

Fortunately, my insurance will cover my medicine or any
operation i need.

I need your perspective. I have 2 kids and a wife to feed. Is
this really what i deserve? Being fired, without severance
pay? I'm left injured and jobless. What is your opinion? What rights do i have?

(i live in paramatta)