by Dylan  30/08/2005  933 Page Views
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I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in NSW with another vehicle on 1/8/05 in which I received an infringement notice for 'Not give way at lights to oncoming vehicle(right turn).'

There was a witness to the accident in which I gave his details to the police at the time. I declared to the Police that the other vehicle had run an amber/red light at a very high speed. This resulted in my Holden Jackaroo being written off by the insurance company as the chassis was completely buckled.

I was assuming that the other driver would have incurred the infringement notice.


I contacted the Police Officer involved and he said that I could not obtain the statement from the witness due to privacy. Is the a fact and if so, how do I obtain the statement before the 21 days has expired if I wish to proceed to court ? (I wish to read the witness' statement to determine if it is worthwhile defending the matter).