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Just wondering if anyone has any advice. Our father has Alzheimer's disease and we think that his partner, who also has early/middle stages of dementia and is half of dad's enduring power of attorney (one of my siblings is the other half) and her daughter (who is her mother's power of attorney) have taken dad to a solicitor to lodge a new Will. We know that there is a Will at our dad's solicitors (country Victoria) which was done years ago but my question is......

Can you find out if there is a more recent Will (even before he passes)?? If he has no documentation at his home and the recent Will was done in Melbourne, then is there a registry that once someone dies then the recent Will will appear "out of the woodwork" and finally does the recent Will stand if dad has been deemed "he has no mental capacity to make decisions" by his specialist??

Any replies would be appreciated.Loestar2018-10-28 16:19:19