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My wife is a depressed alcoholic who is non functioning and emotionally abusive towards myself and our teen age daughter. Over the past 8 years of this I have paid for rehab two to four times a year. She is angry when she is drunk and angry when she is sober. She has no capacity to earn money or even do volunteer work. She sees a GP, a therapist, chiropractor and naturopath once a week. I have no hope that she will ever stop drinking. We tried counselling but she could even stay sober enough to attend a session. She has short term memory loss and basically drinks and sleeps most of the time.

I spend thousands on medical bills and receive nothing but abuse in return. She is not capable of surviving on her own and will use our daughter as a hostage. (not overly dramatic she actually threatens this action) and has posted on FB they she will end it all.

I am ashamed to say I have been putting up with this firstly, in the hope she will get better and lately just feel trapped. My strategy is to hang in there for four years when my daughter will go off to uni and leave at that point. But I'm not sure I can make it.

There are about $1.4 m in assets to carve up but obviously I will be up for spousal maintenance forever. Child support is not an issue, I will always make sure she has what she needs.

Could someone advise me what the first step would be?

I feel a lawyer is going to be cold and calculating and want some balanced advice.