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It appears neither of our parents had a will. I am now our father's carer and he verbally agrees to a will but will not do it.

He will not do anything along the lines of wills or POA. I have five siblings and three of them have taken advantage of the situation and refuse to discuss anything. They are running the house into dangerous disrepair while our 92 year old father lives in it, and encourage him to do what ever he wants regardless of his health, safety or best interests. Cancelling medical appointments etc.

I have approached all organisations that are supposed to help the elderly but it all comes down to rights as a human to do as you please. You cannot be forced to be safe or healthy and no member of your family can report your situation on your behalf, even if you are being exploited and neglected. There is no law against this and no organisation to approach to help or mediate because it is legal.

The authorities that do exist understand the situation completely but as there is no law nothing can be done, neglect of the elderly barely even exists, despite the Royal Commisions investigations into retirement homes, the family home can be even more dangerous.

My siblings will not discuss what will happen to our father should he become ill or fall and in need of care, they refuse to discuss his condition or situation. It was similar when our mother was ill only I didnt know that they were lying about her demise and dementia while they used her bank card and left her in her faeces. 

I would like to understand why it is legal to 'bully' your family.