by keesie  03/03/2016  190 Page Views
2 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
My de facto partner of 25 years left me recently and now suddenly cut me of all income and I have not a clue of where I start so he can make payments to me asap for food and bills.
I tried to search online but it's all mind boggling to me and my head is not function to well at the moment. I downloaded a form 13 (Affidavit) and I've started filling this partly in, is this the first step before I waste my time? And if so, we have some investment property in both names and mortgages, do I fill this in 50/50 or the whole 100% on my form? Does he has to fill one in too, and when this one and/or other forms I require what will be my next step, do I take it to a lawyer, a mediator or court?
Any advice of of what to do will be very appreciated. (Kids are over 18)