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Good afternoon,

asking for a friend. 
He has a big gambling problem, unemployed and $150,000 business debt as well as owes his parents money to start the failed business. 
She has been working for an employer for 3 years, is about to have their 3rd child under 4 years and since separation earlier this year has been saving money for a deposit on a house.  She has paid most outgoings for 3 years.  She has cleared all debt in her name and joint names, and there are no joint accounts anymore.
How would the family court split their assets?  She thinks he wants half her super (he has none) and one of their cars + half the household contents.  He is paying CSA of $33/week for the 2 little ones.
Also, should she be buying a house now?  Or will that form part of the pool later?  She has been documenting separation and finance in and out, but I'm not sure she should be buying now.

Thank you,

Wayne's Sister