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As I posted previously, my ex and I have been separated for 4 years and divorced for nearly 2. We had an agreement in place for him to spend every second weekend and one week of each school holidays with his son. His son is now 13 and has a busy life! The ex now also has a busy life, which is all about him these days. Every time it is his turn to have his son, he cancels his son's activities for that period and drags him along to his own activities. My son is getting very distressed about this as he is committed to his school activities, his sporting teams and his music obligations. His dad has said that as he pays money towards his upkeep, he has to spend weekends with him.

It's not that my son doesn't want to spend time with his dad - he does - but he would just like his dad to take an interest in what he is up to.

Moving right along - So, the two of them had dinner last night then went to the beach for discussions at which time my ex told my son that if he didn't go stay with him this weekend, then he would call it "quits" and would be lucky to get a Christmas card from him!!

My son is devastated and has said that he still won't go this weekend because of his tennis commitments - but he doesn't want to lose his dad as he loves him.

I am looking into mediation, but not sure if the ex will be happy with that.

Please help - I don't know which way to take this!