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I will be subpoenaing gumtree in order to find out a list of joint assets has sold since the split. In order to get all the information I need, and to avoid my lawyer and gumtree going back and forth, I would like to work out exactly what to ask of gumtree.

My ex often lists items on eBay as a lot, and the price is set to negotiable, and then in the description, lists all the individual items, along with prices, so just a list of titles and prices won't suffice. There will be hundreds of items, and because the documents will be forwarded to my lawyer, I want to avoid having too many unnecessary pages as he charges me insane amounts of money per page, but I won't go into that...

My concern is that my ex updates the gumtree listings. So, would it be smarter of me to ask for detailed description of the original listing, or the most recent version of the listing?

Would it be more cost effective to ask for an excel version of the information?

Any advice would be greatly appreciatedbutwhynot2016-01-08 11:38:47