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Hi Guys,

I have another one for all.

I have a friend who is currently going through a Divorce as well. He has managed to obtain all the Doctors reports etc. etc.

One of the notes states that his wife got married to him so she can leave her family and friends (living overseas) to start a new life and so she can live the way she wants to. Her life back in her country was a fake life. There is also a mention that she never loved him at all, it was basically a ticket out of her previous life. There is also a mention that she thought maybe in time she would learn to love him. Though over time, she couldnt find that love and decided to leave. They have ben married for 6 years and she left after she got her Aust. Citizenship.

She has basically not worked in the married period and is now seeking 50% of all assets. He already owned just over 20% of assets prior to marriage and basically earns 90% of her income.

How would the courts treat this? Can she do this? in my opinion, she should get nothing, basically played him to come to Australia and left after she got her citizenship.

Anyone offer anything?