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Firstly my apologies if this has been previously covered...

My Ex has recently moved to Aust from overseas and has my two (12/7)children with her. Her new husband is soon to follow to Aus.

Currently I'm paying A$400 a week in child support as figured out by the calculator on the CSA website.

Recently she has asked for another A$500 for minor medical expenses and school uniforms. And hinted at med insur at A$30 a month.
My company covers school fees.

In a nutshell.....
What does "Child Support" cover?
Are these costs supposed to be covered or are these expenses counted as extras...?

Not wanting to obviously short change my lovely children but just also don't want to be taken advantage of...
I am still overseas.

Any suggestions/opinions greatly appreciated...uaekiwi2012-11-17 05:32:13