by melissak  30/05/2005  1385 Page Views
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Hi. We live in WA, and have a small home based business, that employs over 10 people. We employed a woman who was in a wheelchair who made out that she was more experienced than she was. She did one shift for us, and we didn't contact her for a few months, telling her regularily that she needed more practice and that she should do this. She didn't. She then requested feedback, and when we gave it to her she resigned. She has now put in a claim to the equal opportunity people here and it looks like it's going to go to conciliation. We are absolutely devistated and dont know what do to. We are probably going to pay her money in compensation, but we really didn't discriminate against her. There doesn't seem to be anyone here who can help us, all the assistance is directed to the person making the complaint. the other thing is that we had other staff that we weren't able to give work to because of a decline in our sales, however they wern't disabled and have not turned against us. The other thing is that the position is a casual position, and when we advertised it, it was for occassional weekend work only. It just seems really unfair that we have been accused of these things when all we did was give her a chance. I dont know if you can help at all, I just wanted other peoples opinions on the matter.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading.