by Kylz  25/08/2005  1583 Page Views
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I work in the Job network sector and i am having a lot of trouble with people at my work. I have been there for 15 months and i am the only person who has not been given a promotion. At all my reviews i am given top credit and i have been told on 3 different occasions that i will be getting a promotion and each time they get given to someone who is friends with the manager and his family. There is also a male co-worker there that has been with the company for 5 months and on the 1st august 2005 he become very verbally abusive towards me and then pushed me off my chair. I went straight to management with the incident and and nothing ever came of the conmplaint. I then tried to contact our hr department but they wouldn't return my emails or phone calls. I then went to our head office and sat there and waited to see someone from hr and everytime they came out they would see me and turn away and then i kept getting told they were too busy to see me. I have since been told that the receptionist at our head office was told not to put calls through to hr if they were from me. I have been trying to get through ever since. Then, yesterday in our staff meeting, the same male co-worker once again became verbally abusive towards me and was using very obsene and offensive language towards me because he didn't agree wih my opinion. All the managers saw this and nothing was said or done. I was then called into the managers office after the meeting and the manager told me that it was my fault that this had happened and that i should keep my opinions to myself. He also told me that if i have a prblem with a co-worker that i should go and talk to him and when i said that i felt threatened and uncomfortable with this person, i was told by my manager to just deal with it then. I have not gone into work today as i feel very threatened by this person and do not feel safe going in there. However i cannot afford to quit my job. What do i do and who can help me?