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I am writting to ask some advice from anyone that can help me.

While partying in Brisbane, ten of my friends and I all got charged with posession of  dangerous drugs and worse. It all started when a random police car saw one of our friends near our vehicle while he was getting some money out and thought he looked suspisious. They searched the vehicle and found a small amount of drugs in it. The police then proceeded to ask our friend for all our names so they were told who we were. The rest of us in the club were told if we didnt go up to see the police they would get warrants and search our homes. Most of us still live at home and thinking the worst all went to see them. We were then told we hadnt done anything wrong we would just have to go to the station and get on the spot $50 fines. We agree so we didnt cause any trouble but after everything didnt emerge from the station until five and a half hours later.

The fact is only two out of the eleven people were caught with drugs on them the rest of us co-operated and admitted to taking them prior to the altercation.

Most of us have gone to court now so things cant change but i was wondering if someone could please help me and let me know what my legal rights are when faced with that sort of situation in the future.

Did we have to let the police search the car?

Did we have to admit to taking the ecstacy tablets earlier in the night and did we have to get in the police car at all?

Are the police aloud to lie to us to get what they want?

I am not trying to say what i did wasnt wrong but i just need a lot more information so if, god forbid, this ever happends again i will know how to handle the situation properly and with in my legal rights.

Thankyou to anyone that can help as much information as possible is needed.