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My partner's ex is proving very difficult to deal with and we are having trouble getting access to his 5yo son. We have decided to get a Consent Order (hopefully she'll agree!), and I have a couple of questions regarding her obligations.

1. She moved 180km away, without consulting my partner. We now have to make the journey twice every weekend we see him as she will not drive halfway. Is there any legal requirement for her to do so? Where is this spelled out?

2. She recently took the child out of school for two weeks to send him away with his grandparents as she was "too busy to look after him" (lovely woman, this). My partner objected this, but she told him it was her business and that she was raising the child so he had no say. I know this is wrong, but what can we do about it?

They broke up 4 years ago (never married) and there has never been a legal arrangement.