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Hi, I'm from Victoria. I was driving to the gym one night and I got pulled over randomly by the police. They asked me if I had any drugs in the car and I said "no". The officer then said "If I check your car will I find drugs and anything illegal?" I knew there was no drugs in the car so i was like "No, you can check the car you want." So he started searching the car and found a toy gun that my little sister left in the back seat that I didn't even know was there. Then he found knuckle busters in the glove box. Yes, I know I'm an idiot for having them. I tried to explain to the police that I didn't know the toy gun was in the car and it was a plastic gun so I didn't even know that was illegal to have it in the car.

I got charged with possessing a controlled weapon namely an imitation handgun and possessing a prohibited weapon. I googled that charge is a fine or one-year imprisonment. I was wondering would I go to jail for these charges or would it just be a fine? I went juvenile detention 10 years ago for assault. Would that be bought up in court? If so, how much affect would it have with these charges?

Thanks in advance for your time