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Hi Team...

So to start off with I have been employed at the same call centre for about 3.5 years now..

I started off as a retail agent and was promoted to senior agent, administration agent, etc.

On about September of last year I was offered a role in the 3 person Corporate Team. I would essentially be second in charge with the third person working part time.

I was pretty good on the phones and accuracy and all that was normally at a very high level. Other metrics such as AHT and QA were in the top tier but usually I was leading the team.

About a month after I started I was given a performance review or evaluation about how I was getting along.. some things were brought up and I acted upon these. No other meetings were had until recently when my manager and I had an informal talk for about 5 mins about a discrepancy which caused a bit of a nuisance for the client.. I was working alone for most of that week and I got one digit wrong which was basically the difference between VIC/NSW. It was definitely resolvable but obviously caused a bit of embarrassment.

My manager and I agreed a formal checklist was in order and any sizable orders$$ would be eyeballed by him or another senior Team Leader or Manager.

I immediately created said checklist and sent it to him for approval. This was about a month ago and no errors have come about since then.

Today the Delivery Manager (basically the person everyone answers to on our floor) comes up to my desk and tells me (loud enough for everyone to hear) that she needs to talk to me and I can bring a support person.. being fairly early in the morning and not everyone had arrived for the day.. my preferences were not there so I just went along being really curious what was up.

Basically the client is not happy with my performance (number of mistakes being made) and my lack of professionalism for this role. I pretty much knew what was next.. but what surprised me was that they want me to have nothing to do with the entire campaign portfolio (including the retail section)... they want me gone..

She advised me to pack up my things and even 'unofficially' escorted me out.. even asked if I 'had everything' at the elevator... this all happened in the space of about 10 minutes from my being at my desk to being escorted out.. Not even a chance to say goodbye or pat some shoulders.. normally when an old timer leaves there is a card pass around and a gift (I couldn't care less about the gift) but I am sentimental and like my goodbyes..

They have advised me that they would like me to stay on and they can organise a role in an adjacent department. This role is basically an entry level role for people with no call centre experience and there is absolutely no where to progress.. some people have been there for 20+ years...

I did speak with a lawyer over the phone today who advised that I should first ascertain whether I have actually be sacked and whether I can get this in writing... a termination letter.. or whether I am being 'transferred'. Also if they would be willing to go into a bit more detail as to what brought this about.. possibly with examples.. so even if I did take up that other role.. I can learn from these errors.

I have drafted a letter requesting this information.. not sure whether I should sent it.. I am a union member but was only able to leave a voicemail so will hopefully follow that up tomorrow.

Any thoughts? I am fairly guttered TBH. I mean I get it the client pays the bills.. but if you tally my mistakes in 8 months with those of my colleagues (2 and 3 years respectively) I am way ahead. I answer the majority of calls by 2 or 3-1 easily. I'd wager I key most of the orders and have most contact with our customers. I would be very very suprised if there is an email or call which was not attended to in near perfect protocol.

The only other thing I can think of is I did brush up wrongly (not literally) with a female coworker and was slapped on the wrist for that.. this was over a month ago and I think she is still 'in the system' maybe they just want me gone to avoid anything with her... we would still be on the same floor though.. sharing the same kitchen, rest area, etc... So I doubt its that...