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Warning to owners of cars that are not comprehensively insured: If in an accident that is not your fault, don't allow the other party to name you in an insurance claim and don't talk to their insurers. ESPECIALLY if they are insured with NRMA, get your car repaired at your cost and send the other driver the bill. If they don't pay, file court action.

Our second car was not insured because we could not get a valid valuation of a rare type of car that will become a collector's car in the future.

The car was hit by a negligent driver driving a car insured with NRMA. She lodged a claim, and NRMA said they would pay our damages. They then tried to take possession of our car and said it was a 'write-off' and they offered a token amount of money.

On legal advice, we reclaimed the car and towed it home (at huge expense) and took it to an NRMA approved repairer who said it was not a write-off and he could fix it economically. We had it repaired and asked NRMA to pay for it. They instead sent a cheque for $7600 (much less than the repair bill) saying the car was a write-off. The value of the car for insurance purposes was $11600 (more than the repair bill).

When the car was fixed, Qld Transport notified us that we could never drive it again because NRMA had cancelled the registration permanently on the basis that it was a write-off.

We did get it registered again - despite NRMA flatly refusing to help and actually taking delight in having DELIBERATELY caused the problem (yes, their staff admitted it!). It cost us thousands of dollars and we could not use the car for 4 months, and we had to put the vehicle at serious risk by handing it to a firm of 'inspectors' appointed by Qld Transport under the most unconscionable contract I've ever seen (We had to waive all rights of claim in all circumstances - even if they deliberately trashed our car and sold the parts!).

NRMA never paid the costs they imposed, and did everything possible to obstruct us.

We have notified the Minister for Transport of this debacle and the stupid legal situation that allows it, but he has no interest. He is happy to let anyone without comprehensive insurance suffer at the hands of unconscionable insurers abusing the system. Neither will the Insurance Ombudsman help when a third party claim is over $3000.

I am campaigning now to get the Minister to act to forbid insurers from writing off a car they did not insure, except if there is a safety issue. It is absurd to suggest that an insurer can steal a car from someone the insurer has no busines with, pay what the insurer feels like paying (neither valid repair cost nor proper value), and leave an innocent victim of an accident with a massive loss! Please support my campaign by writing to the Minister objecting to the current laws.