by denholden  12/02/2019  77 Page Views
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caliper pistons must be fitted with dust seals. ( VSB14 reg 2.7.2 NCOP5 LG )

I argued with an engineer who would fail my car because of this regulation and no external dust seals from photos of my caliper pistons....I told him I had caliper manufacturers document that my calipers are designed (USA) with internal dust seals and better than OEM replacement.. SO SHOULD PASS REGULATION...
engineer wouldn't listen..even for club permit to drive car 45 days/year..

IS there any recourse to get around this ridiculousness beuracratic money pinching misgiving..?? Piston Brake Safety is not an issue here.

this is only one of many ADR regulations I discovered are nonsense..

time to speak up for common sense..!