by wendlle  08/02/2019  146 Page Views
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My idiot Husband just got caught touching his mobile phone in the car while driving. He is on his P1 licence because he hasn't yet passed the P2 test. So he only has 4 points, new rules state that he will get 5 points as a fine so he will lose his licence for 3 months. This is terrible for us as he drives 2 hours for work each day and we have no public transport as we are in a rural area of NSW. He starts work at 4am and is home around lunchtime 12noon.

How long will it take for the fine and loss of licence to happen? The police officer never gave him anything and said it will come in the mail.
I understand you can appeal but he actually did touch the phone as he said he got a message and he turned the phone over to glance at it - I've told him 10000 times not to touch the damn phone in the car!
We have a newborn baby and a toddler - I really don't need this right now and am so upset and stressed about what to do.