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I have a question regarding this

I have just been charged with this using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offense

The account that was used to post this was not mine nor was it done from my address I also do not own the internet that was used to do this when they claim this event happened I was not even in the state of QLD the location they said it was done from

I am figuring the only reason i have been charged is during the interview i said i did not know nothing about it & that is all i had to say

What does the prosecution need to prove & what do i need to disprove it???

I have the following two witnesses I was out of state & at no time did i use a computer or phone we were swimming at a beach Time stamped photos confirm that unless i have something hidden in wet shorts witch wasn't the case
Copy's of the owners of the location it was done from Telstra bill & my government issued I.D that shows it is not my address despite the prosecution claims it is my home