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I need some help in relation to my circumstances.
I am a female and was married to my husband for three and half years .
We both are from indian background and it was second marrige for both of us. I was a widow and have a child from my previous marriage, my husband is a divorcee from melbourne.
the marriage was arranged by both our parents but during my meeting with my husband had been very humble.he advised tht he will adopt my daughter.
once i got married, slowly he started putting pressure tht he does not want a child. i came to australia with my daughter, i was shown the door to centerlink to start my payments. i was looking for a job as my husband was no supporting us atll.
i found a full time and Job. Now he put all the pressure of paying all the bills from food, to gas, water electricity, cable, childcare, in a salary of $ 528/ w1,,, In meatime i also undergone 3 abortions. By the third time when he asked for me to pay for my third abortion i knew it will not going to take this any longer. I am at the moment so angry with the situation as these peoople come to india and marry widows and bring us over here to pay their bills, clean their houses , expect us to take the responsiblity , to fresh breakfast, pack lunch and cook fresh dinner, and put us in the category of second class citizens.

My hisband did not pay for a single household bill in last 3 years since the time i moved in sept 2009 till sept 2012.
I want to know if i am entitled for anything in this marriage?
Also if i am entitled for any child support as my husband did not adopt my dughter formlly but he submitted the documents in the immigration, stating tht he will support us.

During this time my husband was working full time and was running a business where he saved $5000 after taking out all loans, operating costs in the business.

Please help me and advice if i am entitled for anything, whether it is worthwhile fighting