by DonnaLee  31/08/2005  1176 Page Views
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I would like to find out some information for a very dear friend of mine, who is being haunted by her ex, with something that has happened in the past.

This friend had work with a company and when resigned, the employer said that they had been taking money without there authority.  This person was not a signature person on the cheque account, but they did go this person for fraud, in the end to save face they had paid the amount the employer was saying on the condition that the charges be withdrawn from Queensland Police.  Which it was and and monies had been paid.  This was over 6 years ago.  Anyway her ex is now saying to watch her back, as he has heard that cause she went back to her maiden name, she can be recharged again, and that the employer is happy to leave it but there are 2 other people that wish to take it further.  She doesnt know if this true and feels like she should go into hiding.  I have said I felt it was closed if the money had been paid and it being withdrawn from the police and never going to court.  And the fact that it is over 6 years ago.  But she still feels it will come back at haunt her.  Is this true what advise can I give her, all she want is to live her life as a single mum.  URGENT HELP NEED TO GIVE HER PEACE OF MIND