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So background info

My partner separated from his wife late 2011 - together 20 years,married 15, 2 children from marriage
Mid 2013 the divorce was granted
Now in the process of arranging financial/custody arrangements

Ex wife works part time
Partner has been unemployed since August of this year - when he was working was earning just over $40K/year
Has been paying $400/week for mortgage and for Children (age 10 and 13)

Marital home was build on land he inherited from his grandfather $250K was borrowed to build house,$100K left owing
Ex wife has asked to borrow $50K from her parents and partner is asking same amount from his mother to pay off mortgage so ex wife will be living in house rent free until the children are at least 16 and property can be sold

She is currently asking for the $400/ week for 2 children ($200 per child) to continue after the mortgage has been paid off - how is someone with no job meant to pay that? To me it feels unreasonably high as she has income and will not have any mortgage payments to worry about for minimum the next 6 years.

Obviously I am siding with my partner on this one in feeling that this is completely unreasonable!! Am I right or does this sound like the right amount for child maintenance payments?