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I hope I can get some  help please. 

I bought a trailer and two other goods from an aquaitance at work over two years ago on behalf of my ex wife.

My ex wife has had these goods in her possesion all this time, but has now claimed to my workplace that it is stolen goods.

We are going through a nasty seperation. 

I had no idea these goods were stolen,but it has been discovered that the aquaitance I purchased them from, did actually theive them from our work place.

Now I am being called into an interview with my workplace and the poice to uncover how these events unfolded.

Unfortunately, the trailer is registered in my name, which I had no trouble doing two years ago, and still is to this day.

I feel I was the middle person as it was my ex wife who paid for the goods, I just did the transitioning between the two parties.

How can I show that I had not a clue to the theft and salvage my job and reputation.

Thank you for any and all advice