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We have been having an ongoing problem with our builders for the past 2 and 1/2 years. Our 6 month checklist was never completed, and the list is huge. From cracks in just about piece of cornice and skirting, to around doorframes, down walls and along parts of the roof. There was an attempt to fix some of these but they have once again all cracked. Our driveway was to be partly ripped up and redone but at the moment we have to live with a driveway which has gaps in it 3-4 cms wide right in front of our garage. That was 3 months ago they cut the driveway and we keep getting nowhere when we do contact the builder. I was told today, that the office could do no more and it was up to me to talk to the supervisor. How can I do that when he doesn't return calls?

We did go thru BSA although that has done nothing as the cracks in the house, and I quote "fall within the normal definition of a category 2 defect." The builder has told us that the work will be done but how long do we have to wait? How can I get them to fix these problems? The major problem at the moment is the driveway as it is a hazard, and we have small children who could hurt themselves if their feet get caught in these cracks. Any comments/help would be greatly appreciated.