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Basically, my employer frequently demonstrates bias and blatant nepotism when recruiting external and internal candidates for roles. This is especially prevalent with acting roles, only available for internal staff to apply for. It's compulsory for a selection criteria to be address and often people get this internal jobs over staff who are much more experi3enced and qualified. I suppose you could argue, it's not just about experience, but then this happens so often, it's just ridiculous. It may state in the SC - 4yrs experience with a specific software development tool, yet people will get the job with zero experience..

So currently we have a job in our team and there is a gut feeling amongst us that they are targeting external candidates. Exemplified by the fact it was advertised externally on SEEK 3 weeks ago, we were informed of this vacant position on friday. The application was due in on the sunday, 2 days later. So if anyone had been sick or on leave that day, they would have missed the email and been unable to apply.

In the HR recruiting guidelines, it states:

- conducting recruitment & related practices, with due regard for the principles of natural justice that remain free from any form of favouritism, nepotism or biases

- ensuring it;s employees are made aware of vacancies for which it is conducting a recruitment process

In this instance, external candidates have been favoured, as they have had 2 weeks to apply, we had 2 days and yes we were informed, but 1 business day before the applications were due - surely that is not acceptable.