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My ex husband and I were together almost 30 yrs. Im 53, he is 52. During that time, we raised 3 kids, both worked, and in 2004 we started a company together. We worked and built this together. He was sole director, I did payroll and all other admin duties. I was also signing as guarantor for all cranes and trucks and other equipment. We became very big with around 150 employees. Around 7 yrs ago, I gave my best friend a job. Eventually ex husband and best friend decided they wanted me out of the picture so out I went.  I had never had anything to do with divorce or knew anyone who went through this type of thing. Eventually I was talked into getting a lawyer. Ex got angry and started using our kids to bully me about what i should get. It destroyed the relationshi[p with my kids. I couldnt fight him, I didnt have access to the money he did. ( He used the company money) He had big name solicitors from the big city. We were from a small country town. All of a sudden, he volounteered for bankruptcy and our company went into administration. I was never given any knowledge of anything going on. Around this time the girlfriend suddenly came into enough money to set up a new company in her name and also using any or buying any of the equipment I was guarantor for from the old company.  So they have moved on gotten married, enjoying the high life while Im left bankrupt, with no hope of ever owning my own home. I dont even own a car. I have retrained myself with some courses, have a great job and I am proud that I did this on my own. I dont know why this happens, but it really seems to be a mans world and is not fair. Is there anyway I can get something or some kind of help? We divorced 4 yrs ago. He just kept dragging everything out with the lawyers until the bankruptcy and then it was too late. Any help or advice is very appreciated.  Is there anyone out there who helps women?