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I was forced for undertaking orally in Federal court family law matter 11 months back regarding my child who is overseas since past two years that I would not leave australia until the matter is determined.
I had no legal represenation that time and as far as I understood i told orally taht i wouldnt travel until my next hearing.
Finally 20 days later it was next court order that told that matter to be transferred to family court and nothing mentioned in it about my undertaking while usually orders are repeated in intervention orders after every haering .I recived no notice until next 8 months although I continually made contact with family court if the matter was listed at the court. I contacted my lawyer who told me if i do not recieve notice of any scheduled hearing I have no travelling restrictions and so I travelled for compelling reasons overseas for 15 days.
But after i travelled i was summoned by the family court that I have hearing listed . I was informed by my friend and so I travelled back to Australia.

nOw the family court says i have made contravention to court order but although it was not in my knowledge and I will be prosecuted. i don't understand as I started to live in australia since past 3 yrs before this Family law matter was filed by my ex I lived overseas for 1 yr.
So i lived in Asutralia only for 2 yrs and I don't understand these issues .they were so unclear to me.
so now what can happen about prosecution I feel it so unjust even after having legal advice why is this imposed on me