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Are typical bank mortgages subject to the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 section 21 pertaining to unconscionable conduct? We sold our house in November 2015 which had about $81,000 of equity funds available for disbursement and the bank credited all of this money against a mortgage we had on a second (rental) property against our wishes because we had some accounts (cards, loans, both mortgages) that were over limit and/or overdue. We could have improved our cash flow situation enormously by crediting part of the $81,000 to credit cards and by completely paying out a $7,000 loan with repayments of $174 per week. We wonder whether the bank's actions contravene section 21-2-b of the Act given that both mortgages had insurance cover meaning the bank's "legitimate interests" were not at risk. A personal loan with the same bank of $49,000 costing $274 per week could have been paid out. The bank's actions saved us just $123 per week on the mortgage (notwithstanding issues pertaining to duration). Mickell2016-01-26 07:49:43