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I had no idea. For years my brother had been getting my mum to add and subtract from her will so to benefit him but because she resisted the changes she did'nt  execute them correctly and now it has come back to bite him.

When she passed he quickly applied for probate putting me in reserve, believing this would give him an advantage over the estate.

However the court has now asked about these changes, one of which are his adult children (2) which he got her to add in order to be infront while I had non, but once I had a couple he had to allow mum to add thier names too, -but believe it or not-, only as half children (lol) so as still keeping him infront. Then I had 2 more, so even at half children it would  even out - he now got her to cross all the children off as there was no benefit to him anymore.

Instead he made her just write ---- give an extra 10,000 to (brothers name here) -- undated and unwittnessed. this was his last ditch attempt. (Turns out I would have to sign an affidavit agreeing to this never)

Now, because our children are named it seems they have a ligitimate claim, Suddenly my  brother wants all of us to agree to put the will back to its original state before any addon's.

 My children are all minors so they apparently need a tutor to speak for them. In my brothers mind - to take them off the will -- But I don't want too, can I do nothing until they are old enough to decide for themselves?

Thanks in advance for any much needed suggestions.