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My father passed away 14th December 2013.
No will, as far as his estate is concerned, its not large, however his death benefits from Superannuation is quite considerable. My understanding is in normal circumstances his defacto partner would receive these without a doubt. However my father and his defacto have never claimed to the government that they are together, centerlink was always told they were both single. Have been ripping them off for many many years. I was named as executor by my father before his opp that went wrong, in the presence of witnesses, so with no will i now file as Administrator?
and since the defacto cannot really claim to be his partner, if she did she would be up for more than $200,000 to pay back, and being his next of kin will i be able to claim these supers for my self and my brothers?
I may sound awful but the defacto has been nothing but trouble since she stole my father from my mother many many years ago.
Im dealing with all of this myself, im 24, organised the funeral and now dealing with a no existant will.
Any help will be appreciated.