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Hi All,
First time post here.

19yrs ago I was silly enough to not attend court for a driving (unregistered vehicle and without a licence) offence. In all honesty I had completely ignored and thereby forgot all about it until recently when I had a police check run. The offence took place in WA, where I grew up 20yrs ago, and I now reside in VIC with my family and a good job.

I am working on getting this resolved with a WA legal aid. The advice I was given is I could apply for the WA courts to drop the charges citing it would be waste of resources to pursue this charge becaue I'm not a threat to the community and the time of the offence. Currently saving to pay for the aid's services and help.

Today work has asked me to attend an overseas training event.

My question is - would VIC customs check criminal records upon leaving/returning to Oz? And what should I expect happen if they found the offence?

Not sure if it matters that I'd be travelling on a passport is NZ I've kept since arriving in '91. However I swore citizenship 4yrs ago; just been slow in organising an Oz passport. Dunno if that makes a difference to how customs review leaving/returning passengers.

Appreciate your help everyone.