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Hi all,

I'm planning to travel overseas to Taiwan and Japan and I have a no conviction recorded for shoplifting 5 years ago when I was 17 (which resulted in a Good Behaviour Bond for 6 months).

I have recently ordered a police certificate where there are appears to be no disclosable convictions. I am planning to travel to Taiwan and Japan for less than 1 week which requires no visa, however in the pre-screening form they give you before you land there is generally a question which requires you to disclose if you have any criminal convictions-would just like to no what other people have done if they have been in this position before?

I have contacted the Japanese consular of affairs in QLD they were adamant in saying I should tick no, because I have no convictions recorded, but when I contacted the immigration office in Japan they weren't really helpful and said it's up to the immigration officers when you land, in saying that I assume I have to disclose it? I also contacted the Taiwan consulate of immig. affairs in QLD... Similar sort of response.

Any input or suggestions would be helpful, thanks.