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Hi, I need some advice regarding my husband claiming against his Superannuation Claim.
In short: He worked at a government primary school as a maintenance and grounds keeper for approx 4 years. He has since developed many physical ailments including Early Onset Alzheimer's. I have been his Power of Attorney for approx 12 months and we are trying to claim his insurance benefit. We have been advised by AMP via Vic Super that although he has met all requirements there is one that we cannot prove and so are denying his claim. You see, towards the end of his employment he was not able to work the 10 hours minimum for his policy and though he DID ACTUALLY work as volunteer a few extra hours per week, as the school has no official documentation of his volunteered hours they are refusing to confirm this with AMP, eve though AMP has stated that they will accept those unpaid hours however require at least a stat dec from the school which the school will not do. Therefore they are saying that he is therefore ineligible to claim at all. This has been going on for over 12 months and even though initially (at the very beginning of this claim) they stated that he was "eligible" to begin the claims process they have now come back at the very end and said it has all been for nothing. All their doctor's appointments and reports and all the costs to us to prove his health situation to them they sent a letter stating that they made a mistake way back in the beginning. Do we have any recourse in this matter - any and all advice would be really appreciated.I'm sorry2015-06-16 23:52:09