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How long should probate take to administer in my case please. (Probably like asking how long a piece of string Is..I know)
I am based in Tasmania? With me named as the executor and the also only benefactor of my parents estate.
The case of both my Parents passing within 10 weeks of each other Mother passed first and the will has not been acted by Dad, before he died shortly after.
The lawyer who is handling the probate said at the initial meeting with me That my mother’s estate needs to be done first and then my Fathers and it should take around 15 weeks to complete both, as it was fairly straight forward with all their assets (Family Home Investment portfolios Bank Accounts and Cars named to me).
I quickly followed up with him via e-mail yesterday and now got a reply e-mail saying he hopes to have my mother estate settled in 15 weeks and them will move on to my Dad’s.

I have just keeping hearing stories of how other people have been strung along a lot longer than what they were told the process would take.