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I need some advice please.
My situation is a stressful one. It's over the holiday break and I can't find a lawyer to advise me.
Im representing myself in FCWA. The other party will not give full disclosure. I subpoenaed the Accountant and she doctored some documents. I just had a few applications requisitioned as the Readiness Hearing is close and the other party's lawyer failed to file their material on time. I requested leave to issue a subpoena on my ex and his banks, an Enforcement Hearing, also requested orders the rest of their case be head with only the documents the court had on file. Also contravention of preliminary hearing minute of consent in relation to property orders and disclosure.
I proved beyond doubt that my ex and the accountant set up.several other trust and superannuation funds in a pseudonym of mine and the kids names, also a Variation of the trusts name which the accountant allowed room for Transposition by way of whitespace character insertion into the original name. The accountant has a pseudonym and has used it simultaneously with her orthonym since 2006 where she signed and lodged a tax agent cert (shared facility only) and created her pseudonym when she has always been a sole trader with no partner.
I received my applications back from the court with the Magistrate noting that the application will not be heard at this stage and the subpoena isn't suitable in its present state.
I need to know how to subpoena banks and also my exs personal accounts. Clearly the way in which I set out the subpoena is incorrect, but I can't find anything on the net and can't get in touch with a lawyer.
Can somebody please help me? I'm about to lose my house. They have been ripping me off for 8 years through trusts. My kids and I have suffered the worst abuse. Im desperate for directions. If you can help us please will you?