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2 Comments  Criminal law, traffic matters, DUI, assault, theft, fraud

Theft from employer totalling $600 in product that is able to be returned or paid back monetarily. Have first meeting with employer today at 1pm, unsure if police are involved or what the charges are. My manager just called me yesterday to speak about some "transactions" and to bring someone. Would like to know if I should say anything during this meeting or ask to receive legal advice before any admissions. Would plead guilty should the matter go to court. I don't know if they might accuse me of more, or if I try to pay back how to record and prove that it happened, or if police would be involved no matter what.


I regret this matter deeply and will try to make it better in any way I can. I just don't want a permanent criminal record as I am a young adult and I feel that it would greatly damage my ability to do honest work in the future.