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The market is the geographic area brings buyers sellers, and he knows the science of economics that the relationship between supply and demand for the commodity. According to Pride and Friel definition of the market that combines companies and people are in need of a commodity, and they have, or have the ability and the desire and the power to buy that commodity. The market is a group of buyers, whether they are natural persons or establishments of these is the goal of all marketing efforts for the facility. As looking for the needs and desires of unsaturated, which represents a good marketing opportunities, and the market is not limited to current buyers only, but extends to prospective buyers as the marketing efforts implemented in the future period. Market Place is the exchange of goods, regardless of the fact that this place is geographically specific building or online; where the buyer and seller in different geographical Bakotain. The market is a meeting point between supply and demand for goods and services and capital 6989