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I was just wanting some guidance regarding a contract/lease that I am currently in.


We are located in QLD and currently live in an apartment building. Initially, we signed our lease with the end date listed as 2nd July 2019. We signed the paperword and sent the contract through to the property manager. When the copy of the signed agreement was returned, they had scribbled out the date and change the end of lease to 2nd August without disclosing this to us. We have the originial hard copy of the contract we signed stating the date in july, and also the copy of the changed contract that was changed. They are not aware that we picked up on this mistake and they have not once communicated the change they made to the contract without our agreement.

What are our rights for this siutation. Are we entitled to have the lease end on the 2nd of July, which is what we are wanting, or do we have to stay until the 2nd August?

Thanks in advance