by twopure75  07/11/2009  171 Page Views
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I have information that my ex employer is committing what I believe to be tax fraud. Can anyone clarify?
My employer had a sale a few months ago in the shop that she had just she had leased new premises. It was a cash only sale with no receipts given. All purchases were recorded in a little note pad and thats all. When she was handed the $6000 made from the sale in cash....she said and I quote "Thats going with me to buy a new sofa. I won't bank it, no one needs to know about it"
Now I know first hand that she commits tax fraud every year as I was her manager for 3 years. I watched her take goods from the shop, give them to family members etc and then at tax time when they showed up missing on stocktake reports, she would report them as stolen to the tax department.
The actual value of the goods sold in the sale would have been around $40,000 - $50,000 but sold at much lower than cost. Does this constitute a tax crime?